New Technology Produces Cannabis that is up to 1200x More Potent

New Technology Produces Cannabis that is up to 1200x More Potent

By using a bioreactor, an Israel-based company has been able to culture active cannabis compounds into powdery biomass.

This process is conducted at the cellular level and can be dialed up to 12 times the potency. Rehovot, Israel's BioHarvest Sciences is the name of this clone technology company

He believes that one major perk of his technology is the potential it has to reduce waste-- something we could all benefit from. “Portions of the plant matter from the cannabis plant are waste that can be avoided using BioHarvest Technology," he said enthusiastically."

"Cannabis plants are usually grown for just the flower," Sobel explained. "The trichomes on the flowers contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids--which are all important compounds. BioHarvest is able to grow cannabis cells with 93% trichomes in its bioreactors."

"We don't grow the plant at all," Sobel told The Times of Israel. "We grow them in huge bioreactors in just three weeks—while regular cannabis takes 14 to 23 weeks. Our tech can also significantly increase the levels of active ingredients, as a percent of the weight, versus what is found normally in the plant."

From gram to gram, the team at BioHarvest states their cannabis biomass requires less water and resources than plants do traditionally.

Sobel and BioHarvest maintain that the cells are not genetically engineered and are indiscernible from those found on living plants. To somebody who isn't well-versed in the topic, this technology may seem outlandish; however, it's a wonderful way to circumvent plant waste and bolster potency. The biomass they generate is complete-spectrum, meaning it contains the variety of phytocannabinoids you would encounter in a plant.

Sobel commented to The Times that " Our composition has significant amounts of both major cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, as well as so-called minor cannabinoids."

The team is able to create different, more potent versions of the active ingredient by tinkering with the conditions inside the bioreactor. He continued, “By adjusting specific conditions to which the cells are exposed, we can create different desired compositions of cannabinoids [compounds](#).”

Without revealing their proprietary technology in full, the team said they have the ability to increase potency 12 times just by changing the environment inside the bioreactor.

If you can't picture it, they offer a straightforward explanation. “We made a mini ecosystem in the bioreactor so that potency levels are changed by altering exterior conditions. It's like cells have their own little world where everything is considered and met for them."

The team also said that when it comes to growing cannabis in this way, time is of crucial importance

The BioHarvest Sciences team invented Bio-Plant CELLicitation™, a process of selecting plants that contain active phytochemicals and cutting them into small pieces to be inserted into a Petri dish on a nutrient-dense medium.

Just like a plant needs light, oxygen, and nutrients to grow, so do cells. Once they have been given those things, they are stored in a cell bank where they can be used over and over again. They are biofarmed and when there is enough of them, they are turned into powder form which can be used for different purposes.

According to BioHarvest Sciences, every gallon of water can produce 54 times more bioreactor material than plant matter. Therefore, the land requirements are decreased by over 90%.

This system not only guards against contaminants but also the irregularities of cannabis compounds that come from plants.

On May 12, BioHarvest announced that trichomes make up 93% of the cannabis biomass produced by their proprietary CELLicitation technology. Additionally, the bitter taste associated with plant matter was significantly reduced.

According to Sober, cannabis and hemp can be much more useful than in the past and won't deplete our resources as quickly. He told The Times that this Israeli invention has the potential to inspire people across the world with its sustainable wellness benefits.

Dr. Yochi Hagay and Dr. Zaki Rakib met in 2007 and decided to found BioHarvest together. Their first product, Vinia, is made from red grape cells and contains a wide variety of polyphenols that are beneficial for heart health; it also has a strong presence in both the United States and Canada..

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