New York Cops will be testing for cannabis-impaired driving.

New York Cops will be testing for cannabis-impaired driving.

The state’s first legal recreational cannabis shops are expected to open within weeks, but the state is still working on a way to measure when motorists are driving while under the influence of cannabis.

New York Post reported on Sunday that Gov. Kathy Hochul's administration is seeking a way to identify drivers under the influence of weed.

“The legalization of adult-use cannabis has raised concerns about more people driving while impaired after using the drug,” according to a proposal from the New York Department of Health that was quoted by The Washington Post.

"It is crucial to identify drivers impaired by cannabis use. However, in contrast to alcohol, there presently are no science-based methods for detecting cannabis-impaired driving," the memo went on to say.

The news of the impending launch of New York’s first regulated adult-use marijuana retailer has caused a stir. According to the Post, it is anticipated that “up to 175 retail licenses will be awarded in order to sell marijuana.

Hochul stated last week that if everything goes to plan, the state will launch the newly regulated cannabis market by December 31st of this year.

Hochul told the Advance Media New York editorial board that 20 dispensaries are planned to open by the end of this year. "We're not going to just jam it out there," Hochul said. "It's going to work and be successful."

On August 25, the state began to accept applications from those hoping to open an adult-use dispensary and gave applicants until September 26 to submit their completed application. New York officials have claimed that nearly 500 people applied, but hundreds were rejected for not meeting the eligibility criteria.

The first dispensary licenses will go to those with a past criminal record for a marijuana-related offense.

Hochul made the announcement of the policy in New York State in March, stating that it would be a first-of-its-kind approach to the cannabis industry. She continued on to say that this was a major step forward in fixing wrongs from the past.

Today, the Cannabis Control Board advanced regulations that will create jobs and opportunities for local farmers and entrepreneurs who have been left out in the past. I'm proud that New York is setting an example for other states with our safe, equitable, and inclusive industry approach.

In March of 2021, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo legalized recreational cannabis in the state, immediately ending the ban on possession. However, under Cuomo's leadership, the regulated cannabis market didn't take off as planned due to his turbulent last year in office amid sexual misconduct allegations.

something she stressed the importance of during her interview with the editorial board last week.

"Argh, the rollout was such a mess. I became governor and-- nothing happened. It was shut down because the legislature and administration were fighting over who would be in control of the cannabis review boards," she said. "So people started giving me credit because, within one week, I named members to those positions."

I'm getting things done, and so when I talk to people about joining this industry, they always say 'thank you.' We could have been waiting around for a long time if it weren't for me taking charge-- even for the most basic steps. So we're making good progress."

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